Mobile equipment master mechanic

Company Name:
Louisiana Department of State Civil Service
Agency: Red River/Atchaf/Bayou Boeuf Levee District
Opening Date: Fri. 07/18/14
Closing Date/Time: Fri. 07/25/14 11:59 PM Central Time
State Salary Range: $12.99 - $26.59 hourly
$2,252.00 - $4,609.00 monthly
Agency Hiring Range: Min: Max:
Job Type: Classified
Location: Alexandria, Louisiana
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QualificationsBenefitsSupplemental Questions
Two years of experience in automotive or mobile equipment repair.
Training in automotive or mobile equipment repair will substitute for the required experience on a month for month basis.
Supplemental Information:
No Civil Service test scoreis required in order to be considered for this vacancy.
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For further information about this vacancy contact:
Debbie Lafleur
Red River/Atchafalya & Bayou Boeuf Levee
10 Calvert Dr.
Alexandria, LA 71303
Job Concepts:
Function of Work:
To maintain, repair, and overhaul heavy mobile equipment or complex mechanical systems on mobile equipment.
Level of Work:
Supervision Received:
General from a Mobile Equipment Shop Foreman, or Mobile Equipment Shop Superintendent, or other higher level maintenance personnel.
Supervision Exercised:
Functional over Mobile Equipment Overhaul Mechanics, Maintenance Mechanics, Helpers, etc.
Location of Work:
All agencies, statewide.
Job Distinctions:
Differs from Mobile Equipment Overhaul Mechanic by independent responsibility for repair and overhaul of complex specialized systems such as hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic systems on mobile equipment or by responsibility for repair of heavy equipment.
Differs from Mobile Equipment Master Mechanic Leader by lack of quasi-supervisory, lead worker over other Mobile Equipment Master Mechanics and lower level mechanics, helpers, and apprentices.
Differs from Mobile Equipment Shop Foreman and Superintendent by lack of responsibility for full supervision of a shop.
Examples of Work:
Disassembles, diagnoses, overhauls, rebuilds, and/or repairs heavy equipment or complex systems such as engines, transmissions, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, gear reduction systems electrical systems, suspension systems, brake systems, exhaust emission control systems etc.
Performs diagnostic tests to locate malfunctions of the various systems by using extensive knowledge of vehicle systems developed through years of experience.
Incorporates visual and audible inspection with the use of a wide range of computerized test equipment such as electronic scanners, engine analyzers, dynamometers, exhaust analyzers, oscilloscopes, and various testers and meters as well as non-computerized test equipment.
Applies knowledge of how complex electronic systems affect the operation of mechanical systems in order to determine the nature and extent of repair necessary.
Selects the best work procedures to accomplish repair.
Assists Mobile Equipment Shop Superintendent in providing instruction, guidance and assistance to Mobile Equipment Overhaul Mechanics, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanics, and Trades Apprentices.
Assigns portions of work to lower level mechanics who are assisting in the accomplishment of major repairs.
Assists in training lower level mechanics in the field on diesel and hydraulic engine repair.
Structured training as required by agency.

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